Features And Performance


 High Speed 2-Way Pedestrian Detection Sensor

Laser Scanner

Laser scanner gives following benefits than the camera image based pedestrian detection.

  • No weather(rain, snow) interference
  • Precise pedestrian detection in nighttime
  • High Speed Pedestrian Detection(<0.1 sec)
  • The laser scanner of Voice Care is located inside the case and not contaminated by dust or rain accordingly while the glass of camera for pedestrian detection should be cleaned frequently.
  • The laser scanner: Class 1(Safe under all conditions of normal use)


Smart Voice Guidance

  •  Volume control by time

         Ex : 07:00..... ->  High volume

               18:00.........->  Low volume

  • A hybrid speaker system with super-directional & omnidirectional speakers are operating simultaneously.

           - Pedestrians near traffic signal can here clear voice guidance without acoustic blind                    spot. The voice guidance is not well heard at the adjacent shops or residences.

  • All voice messages were recorded by a professional female voice actor.

          - This human voice messages are better accepted compared to the dry machine                            voice(TTS).(Alert: Solemn, Normal: Soft)

If a more urgent simultaneous situation occurs while one voice guide is being broadcast, the existing voice guide will be replaced with a new voice guide


Heavy duty for non-stop operation

  • The energy-saving main board has no fan or vent(Dust-proof).

  • System down due to heat by long operation is minimized.


  • The sensor/speaker unit is installed askew to prevent snow piling up leading to sensor malfunction by icicles in the winter.

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