24-Hour Accident Prevention


Flashing Yellow Light

  • Only Passnet Voice Care supports 24-hour pedestrian protection while others stop their operation during no traffic light or flashing yellow light hours.

  •    - LED sign (Voice Care-200-1 model)


No Traffic Signals(System)

  • Passnet Voice Care uses AI camera system for active pedestrian protection.
  •      - Voice Care detects an approaching vechole by AI camera system.
  •      - When the AI camera system detects an approaching vehicle and a pedestrian 
  •        moves to thecrosswalk, Voice Care gives the following voice guidance to the 
  •         pedestrian and turn on the
    LED sign to give visual alert to the driver.

Company          Passnet Co., Ltd.

CEO             Jung Hoon Jung

Company Registration Number   138-81-34347

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