Product Components


Laser Scanner

- Quick(<0.1 sec) and precise 2-way pedestrian detection in tough weather such as rain, snow.

- Minimal maintenance thanks to the sensor dirt & rain-free design 

- Safe Class 1 laser scanner


 Superdirectional + Omnidirectional 

Hybrid Speaker System

- Delivering clear voice to the waiting pedestrians

- Eliminating accoustic blind spots by hybrid speaker system with an omnidirectional speaker


      AI Camera

- Detecting an approaching vehicle

- Detecing pedestrian(s) in the driveway

- Smart pedestrian detection feature to protect pedestrians 


Main Control Box

Smartphone screen blocking with a Beacon(BLE) module 

to save smombies(Voice Care-200B)

- Low heat, energy saving design - No fan & vent

- Long and stable operation with no downtime due to heat and dirt

- People Counting

- IoT network support


     LED Sign

- On & Off by pedestrian detection
- On & Off by time
- Visual alert to drivers
- Voice Care-200-1


     Product Installation photo

Company          Passnet Co., Ltd.

CEO             Jung Hoon Jung

Company Registration Number   138-81-34347



32, Gunpo-si, Cheomdansanup 2 Ro, Gyeonggi-Do, Republic of Korea,