CEO Greeting

CEO's Greetings

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Passnet, as an IT hardware and software development company in the 4th industrial revolution, is contributing to prevent traffic accidents.

With multiple intellectual property rights(patents, model utility rights and design

registrations) related to pedestrian safety and smartphone screen blocking technology using Beacon(BLE) signal, we have Certificates of Designation of Excellent Product and NEP(New Excellent Product) from PPS.

We have developed pedestrian voice guidance systems including smartphone

screen blocking technology and installed the systems at more than 400 crosswalks mainly in the school zones.

We will do our best efforts to make a better world by developing pedestrian and 

children protection systems. To do this, our knowledge and technology

on the integrated video monitoring system will be employed.

CEO Jung Hoon Jung

Company          Passnet Co., Ltd.

CEO             Jung Hoon Jung

Company Registration Number   138-81-34347



32, Gunpo-si, Cheomdansanup 2 Ro, Gyeonggi-Do, Republic of Korea,